Mother Goose visits to read stories and share her magic

Mother Goose visits the park on her special day! Join her as she shares her very own fairytale story, and a few other things from her bag of tricks. Each family member receives a Mother Goose book while supplies last. We'll also make Mother Goose puppets and enjoy a tasty snack. *All events weather permitting.

Ice Cream Day

Come celebrate America's favorite summer treat! Learn how ice cream is made, and enjoy a fun ice cream craft and an ice cream dessert. Each family will receive a copy of the book "From Milk to Ice Cream" while supplies last. *All events weather permitting.


Join us as we read out favorite stories and help us pick our favorite books we like to share with each other. Cookies and hot chocolate will be provided. *All events weather permitting.

Celebrating Mom

What could be better than a day at Storyland with Mom? Join us as we honor the women in our lives on their special day. We'll make Mother's Day cards, listen to a story and enjoy a delicious treat. *All events weather permitting.

Wild Child Bubble Play Time

Bubble play comes to Storyland! Come on out and make bubbles using wands and screens with Brandon a.k.a. the Bubble Man! Let's see how many shapes and sizes you can create! *All events weather permitting.

National Scavenger Hunt Day

Join us as we celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day! This fun activity marks the annual celebration of hunting for a list, or solving a series of clues. Storyland has a fun scavenger hunt that will take you on a fun adventure throughout the park. How many things can you find? *All events weather permitting.

Paint Dot Painting

Paint dot painting! Come show you artistic talents with dot painting. Join us as we explore colors and shapes using dot painters and brightly colored paints. *All events weather permitting.

Hopscotch Day

Hop on over to Storyland to help us celebrate National Hopscotch Day! There will be fun, laughter, and prizes!


Join us as we read our favorite stories from the Storyland library. Help us decide which book is our favorite and yours as well. A simple snack will be provided.

Fresno Storyland
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