Storyland Grand Re-Open Will Be On Labor Day Weekend!

storyland grand re-open

Once again stories will be told. “It is really a guided tour through a land of enchantment.” Says Storyland Board Member Bruce Batti. “We are working hard making sure it is a prideful place.” The water is flowing again on and colors are brighter than ever. Built in 1962, Fresno’s historic Storyland park has been closed for nearly a year. “It is a unique one of a kind property in the valley.” says Batti. “Currently we are at about $450,000 in money that we have raised.” After community support and donations board members were able to get the park back up to par. “The money was necessary first of all to bring the park back up from disrepair, things had to painted, sidewalks had to be repaired, ADA issues that we had to take care of.” adds Batti. Alarms, cameras, and the story telling boxes are all back on. The park will have eight employees, but its opening was made possible by volunteers. “I think this means hope for Fresno.” Says park volunteer Elaine Robles-McGraw. “I wanted to be involved so that other families and children could have the same memories that I did as a child.” Board members are hoping to raise another $400,000 dollars by the end of the year. Batti says he hopes more memories will be made when the park reopens September 4th. You can visit to donate or volunteer.

Fresno Storyland
890 W. Belmont Avenue, Fresno, CA 93728
Get Directions 559.486.2124