Playland Plans To Reopen In April


The Storyland Playland board announced its plans for park improvements and the reopening of Playland in April.

The two historic attractions in Roeding Park in central Fresno, which were opened in 1955, were closed in March 2015 due to a lack of revenue. Storyland was reopened in September and has since had more than 25,000 guests come through its gates, park leaders say.

Playland’s public reopening is scheduled for April 22, with an invite-only preview on April 21 for disadvantaged youths.

A $150,000 donation from the Daniel R. Martin Foundation will help pay for Playland’s reopening. The foundation previously gave $200,000 for the reopening of Storyland.

Other companies and organizations helping to reopen the park include Lithia Motors and Rotary Club of Fresno.

“Today, we are celebrating the $450,000 we have in cash donations and park improvement projects for Playland,” board chair Scott Miller said in a statement released Thursday. “The need that remains is an additional $300,000 to secure a sustainable future for Playland.”

The board hopes the remaining amount can be raised through community and corporate donations. Plans for the park include installing a teacup ride in June that park leaders say will be reminiscent of what Playland once had.

Leadership Fresno, a nonprofit affiliated with the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce, announced that this year’s class will help build a waiting area for the park’s Willis B. Kyle Express Train Station.

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